Instant Spice is the first innovation in spice since Columbus got lost looking for India!
Time Saving
Chefs and food lovers alike appreciate a great meal. However, both agree that preparing it can be time consuming. Now you don't need the culinary expertise or the extra time to accomplish a feat of tasty food. BIT Food Division enthusiastically introduces Flavo-Drop!
Flavo-Drop! is a totally new concept. It is a pure and natural liquid extract that harnesses all of the active ingredients from within the spice. The result is a liquid spice extract so powerful that only a few drops can do what teaspoonfuls did before.
Safe and Natural
Flavo-Drop! is free from bacteria, mold, and other contaminants unlike other spice powders and pastes. The compact glass bottle prevents the loss of the original fragance and flavor and gives a shelf life of two years.
Flavo-Drop! has eliminated the process of cutting, chopping, grinding, and storing fresh spices. You now have the taste of fresh spices at your fingertips. Each 5 ml bottle of Flavo-Drop! comes with its very own dropper to help take the guess-work out of measuring.
The original complete "Flavor" and taste of spice drop after drop! Absolutely contains no artificial flavors.
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