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The hottest trend in spice industry continues to quench consumers’ appetites for the hottest spices such as black and white pepper mustard seed and red pepper…America’s spice usage continues to rise. And sales trends continue to point toward a very successful end of the century. Manufacturers are taking the basic powdered and dried spice trade in new directions by developing innovative products that add greater convenience. Flavorful examples of the spice industry’s expanding product base is the advent of spice extracts like Flavo Drop, finding success in the market and unique spice combinations.

B I T Food Division, a Florida based subsidiary of the B I T Group of international corporations, has found a solution for the fat conscious, time-driven consumer:

FLAVO DROP! is a revolutionary liquid spice product with tremendous potential for the U.S. and world market. It's an amazing insurrection in the world of spice. It can make living a lot easier. Too many times, low fat cooking can be tasteless. FLAVO DROP can spice up your healthy meals. And spicing up couldn't be easier - you can't beat the easy droppers that come with FLAVO DROP.

The company that produces FLAVO DROP claims it's a whole new way of looking at spices. A spokesperson for B I T Food Division says, "FLAVO DROP is the biggest innovations in spices since Columbus got lost while traveling the seas looking to find unusual spices in India." It seems they are right about that. FLAVO DROP is (100%) hundred percent pure and all natural spice extracts that utilizes a sophisticated process that takes out the active ingredients of spice and concentrates them into liquid spice form

Unlike many of the spice powders and pastes, FLAVO DROP is free of bacteria, mold fungus and other contaminants. So far FLAVO DROP has no competition in the market. With FLAVO DROP the advantages are many. It is also much more economical when compared to any sort of powder or liquid form of spice.

Since FLAVO DROP has no preservatives or additives, it can be used in your favorite meat dishes, vegetable entrees, and even dessert concoctions. The wide range of exciting flavors include: ASAFETIDA, BLACK PEPPER, CARDAMOM, CELERY CHILI, CINNAMON, CLOVE, CORIANDER, CUMIN, CURRY MIX, GARLIC, GINGER, LEMON, NUTMEG, SAFFRON, TEA, VANILLA and many more.

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